Tuesday, July 16, 2019

One Page Setting Primer for P&P

This is something a player of mine and a comment on a previous post both requested. Below I deliver!

Diego Rivera

"Welcome to Requiem. Across the Salinum, the polar expanse of Alkalaquipeg, the blasted deserts of Nishburnaprigal, the fetid swampland of Tennisippa, and the drenched jungles of Chuptagul wrestle and sweat their way through a burgeoning industrial movement and social upheavals.

On our side of the Salinum, Texak, the Comanch, and Fearann Ur feud, bargain, and scrap for possession of the Upper Olmecad. The Triple Alliance stands firm in the heartland of the Mesolmecad, linked by blood, trade, and heritage to the Mayan Confederation, and fights alongside the cities of the Confederation to repel the offensives of Sapa Inka Mancoti of Tawantinsuyu, lord of the Lower Olmecad.

The Long Count rolls over to and the war entrenches itself over roughly half the Yucatan. As the Inca spearhead an offensive into the Highlands, Palenque falls under siege. The Confederate railways are strong points of contention as each side strives to deliver troops, materiel, and weapons magical and mechanical, living and dead, into the humid, fern-choked fray.

Politicians in occupied Chichen Itza proclaim the establishment of the 5th part of Tawantinsuyu while Independance forces stage guerilla attacks on Inca strongholds and occupied cities throughout the Lowlands. In the plastered chambers of the Parliament, Mexica agitate for the annexation of remaining Mayan allies to protect their lands while the Mixtec defend the sovereignty of the diminished Mayan Confederacy.

In dry, chill chambers away from the humid noise of Mesol cities, scientists devise and test new ways of reducing humans to raw, steaming meat. To fuel any technological edge, expeditions delve into locations rumored to house elvish ruins throughout Mesolmecad, plunging deep into the war-wracked jungles of Yucatan and traveling to the Chichimec deserts. Beyond the deserts, Texak beats trade routes through Comanch territory with blood, steel, and Aurist devotion, eyeing the fertile lands of the Triple Alliance beyond.

The Red Serpent and Smoking Mirror find and eliminate enemies of the state, and Huitzilopochtli’s congregation swells with ranks of freshly drafted soldiers, shaved and prepared to lay down their lives in defense of foreign cities. Oil is transported by trains and pipes from Tututepec to fuel the war effort while twins, berzerkers, wizards, and believers, among others, are incorporated into traditional army hierarchies for the first time.

This is a time of fire and water, a time of madness in sweltering jungles and calculated outrage in the chambers of Parliament. Guns are drawn and fired in darkened rooms and the light of burning maize fields. Spells are woven over people, artillery, and crops. Oil slides down the eager throat of Mesol foundries and distilleries and out as marvelous objects wrought from metal and plastic. Things long buried are uncovered by grasping hands human, mechanical, and magical. In the midst of war, Mesolmecad thrives, but fissures threaten this growth and obscure clear purpose with smoke and mirrors."

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