Monday, December 21, 2020



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The most commonly asked question about GLOG has always been "what is the GLOG?" To answer that question, we used to link to Goblin Punch or Many Rats, or even the huge spreadsheet of almost all the GLOG classes in existence.

These approaches don't quite wrap around the entire truth, though - that the GLOG is what you make, with a focus towards hackability, accessibility, and game design as a living document. 

GLOG is also a community. It didn't evolve in a vacuum. I encourage any potential GLOGgers to find a place where they can talk to others. Games revolve around dialogue. GLOG is perhaps best described as a community of like-minded hackers.

Here, for the first time, is a community GLOG zine, created by gretchlings for themselves and others. Let this stand as an example of many differing visions on what the GLOG can be, but not as the authoritative example of what GLOG is. (There isn't one.)

10,000 Chambers of the Cnite King

Deep within the turgid reaches of the Samarkand Desert, a lone crag of withered sandstone presents a visage long scoured by time.  Samuele B...