Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Great Rave, Part 2

Meatsmiths are what make the inhuman performing arts possible. They are called 'menters, roboys, bots. They work on subjects that feel no pain and are constantly twitching or dancing, and as such they have really good skills and are super fast. If the PC's figure out what they're all about and want to get in on the fun, they can walk up to a meatsmith. The proper procedure is to stick out or indicate the limb that is to be altered. If a player walks up and stands still, a meatsmith will take that as tacit consent that they are donating themselves to be a bloodspeaker (50% chance) and will hit them with an injection of the most powerful tranquilizer they have and start carvin them up.


Inspired by Library of Attnam. The trees around yellow like butter left overlong in air, then darken into crisp black spears. Through its wi...