Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Kerosene Refiner

I'm helping to playtest SquigBoss's Seas of Sand campaign setting, which is vaguely North African, so I made an oil refiner like the boys rolled with in the Islamic Golden Age to wreak some havoc.

Kerosene Refiner
Start with an alembic, fireproof gloves, a bellows-powered spray nozzle, two flasks of crude oil, and some leathery scars.
A: Distiller, Smoke Squint
B: Appeasement, Soot Lungs
C: Alchemy, Smouldering Scars
D: Chug, Inferno Gate

(A) Distiller: You can distill crude oil into kerosene or petroleum jelly, and spray liquids around using your nozzle.
It takes a night or a day to distill [template]+1 flasks of oil or jelly, provided you have an equivalent amount of crude.
Your nozzle is two-handed, holds one flask of oil, and has a range of 30 feet. It gains +10 feet in range for every other template you take in this class, and at Template C it holds another flask of oil. It takes one action to spray your nozzle and one turn to reload it.

(A) Smoke Squint: You can see through fire and smoke like clear water.

(B) Appeasement: You can convince a fire to stop provided you throw something valuable into it immediately. A gold piece/dash of water for a campfire, fistfuls of bling/food animals/barrel of water for a bonfire, and literal crowns/people/shipload of water/artifacts for a city block eating inferno.

(B) Soot Lungs: You can breathe in smoke normally.

(C) Alchemy: You can refine most liquids into a flammable substance.

(C) Smouldering Scars: If you mortify a body part in fire, like a hand or calf or face, you can carry fire on that skin without burning. Lose 1 HP permanently for every part you mortify.

(D) Chug: You can drink a pitcher of something flammable without any ill effects and spray it up to a day later.

(D) Inferno Gate: Step through fires you set like doorways.

Short and sweet. This is perhaps one of my favorite GLOG classes I've ever made.


  1. I like the specificity of this, and the kind of crude low-tech flavor. And as you know, I'm somewhat drawn to classes that make things go BOOM. I wonder if you could use this as something like a template for other gadget-making or tool-using classes?

    1. That sounds like a good idea. Let's try it out.
      Template A: [material worked with], [device to use material], [small benefit]
      Template B: [one-way communication/material control], [medium benefit]
      Template C: [material expansion], [increased material/character interaction], [device upgrade]
      Template D: [large benefit], [major material interaction]

      I do feel like this has utility for other classes.


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